Bicycles and cherry trees

A warm June day, bicycles, cherry trees and friends; a perfect combination for an outing through the countryside.  It’s June, the time of the year for cherries and biking.  The country roads are lined with fruit trees, the weather is warm and inviting.  Friends arrive from the city to enjoy a bike ride and the many cherry trees along the lanes which divide the fields throughout Bohemia.Biking in Bohemia

It’s a long tradition in the Czech Republic to separate the fields with fruit trees. The fruit served the population in hard times, fed hungry solders, during war times and has always, even today, delighted children.  The irregular fruit tree avenues which were formed from trees that had been planted individually on the borders of plots that used to belong to different landlords form a network across the entire country. The irregularity and diversity of species depended on the needs of individual farmers who were working on the surrounding fields.  Cherries, plums, apples, walnuts and pears are the most common trees, however today many of these trees are being replaced with poplar and non-fruiting lanes and cherry trees

As soon as spring begins Czechs take the road on their bikes.  Every week-end the country lanes of busy with bikers out for a day trip.  Fruit trees heavily laden with fruit temps even the most sophisticated cyclist to pause for a snack. 

Then continue along the trails for a while before stopping again.  The biking trails are well-marked and the motorist are courteous to cyclist.  Just another Czech tradition that we have learned to enjoy.