Slow Cycling Around Zelezne Hory

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We started our day by gathering at a park in Chrudim. 

Planning the Way

 Our small group set out on the bicycle trail that followed the river pass Slatinany to Orel where we picked up two more cyclist. 

St. Bartholomew Church, Koci

From Orel we headed out into the countryside on a small gently rolling road until we reached Koci where we stopped to admire the unique wooden Gothic church dating back to the end of the 14th century. The church complex includes a wooden bell tower covered with shingles and a unique covered wooden bridge. 

After visiting this historical church, we set out again on small country roads, through slightly hilly countryside arriving at Trojovice. 



Passing through the village of Trojovice we encountered a wedding procession.  The villagers were going by foot to the small Baroque church carrying gifts and flowers.  Continuing our trip we again set out along a country lane lined with apple trees to arrive in Rosice. 


At the Pub in Rosice

In Rosice we stopped at the local pub for a brief rest and to unit with two more riders from Hrochuv Tynec.   At Rosice we made our way through a bit of road construction where the street was reduced to one lane.  After waiting at an improvised traffic light we moved on through the construction site passing heavy machinery and large dump trucks.

Traffic light in Rosice

  Once on the other side of the village we passed through fields of wheat and barley and the small villages of Bor u Chroustovic and Lozice until we reached Luze, where we stopped for a delightful lunch and a well-earned rest. 

Wheat and barley fields

Wheat and barley fields

We lunched at Restaurace u Bartolomeje, an impressively nice restaurant for such a small town.  The restaurant sits across the street from St. Bartholomew church originally a Gothic Church, first mentioned in 1381, it has been renovated several times. Part of the aisle retained the Gothic style. In the church are some tombstones, e.g. the tombstone of Divis Slavata from Chlum and Kosumberk.  We dined on the terrace surrounded by tall walls covered with ivy.  The dishes were superbly prepared and the service was good.  Finishing lunch we explored Luze, riding up to the castle ruins and passing the pilgrim church of the Virgin Mary on Chlumek.  From the castle there is a spectacular view of the Czech Highlands.  

Košumberk castle

Košumberk castle

Košumberk castle was established by Slavatas from Chlum. In the 17th century, the local branch of the family died out. The manor was inherited by wife of last Slavata, countess Hieserle. In 1690 was the property donated to the Jesuits. They managed it until the abolition of the Jesuit friary. The last owner of this estate was a Bavarian family of Thurn und Taxis, who owned the estate until the establishment of an independent republic. In 1922 got Košumberk “Družstvo na záchranu hradu Košumberka” the team for retrieval of Košumberk. Nowadays is Košumberk the property of Luže. There is a historical exhibition of the castle and town.

Pilgrimage Church of the Virgin Mary on Chlumek

Pilgrimage Church of the Virgin Mary on Chlumek

The Pilgrimage Church of the Virgin Mary on Chlumek is an elaborate baroque church consecrated to Virgin Mary. The church complex has the rectangular floor plan. The main aisle is demarcated by balustrade interspersed by four larger and four smaller chapels. The Building construction and all architectural motifs are completely accurate. The same high rating applies to a unique set of artistic decoration of the building. It was created round 1700. 


Leaving Luze

Leaving Luze, we climbed a moderate hill to arrive on the highland planes again.  Making our way across fields and through the small villages of Dobrkov, Rosice and Restoky as we headed back toward Chrudim.  As the sun descended in the western sky we stopped to eat cherries along a small dirt lane near Orel.  The wheat fields glowed with the evening light of the sun.

Late in the Day

  Our cyclist bidded us farewell as we reached their villages.  We continued to Orel for a glass of wine and Elderflower cordials before saying good night to the last of our guest.