A ride through the countryside


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A ride through the countryside

A few years ago, when returning from Italy, my husband came home with a little moped. The moped brought back a mental image of young Italian boys racing through the streets of towns and villages throughout Italy with their mopeds at full throttle and their mufflers removed to make as much noise as possible, not one of my fondest memories of years gone by. In fact, this moped was my brother-in-law’s, from his youth, that had been sitting in his garage for countless years that now sat in my garden. “What are you going to do with that?” I asked. “I’m going to use it to ride to town in the summer,” said my husband. “Why?” I asked. He replied, “Because it will be fun!” I thought he was a little crazy, after all he is not a young Italian boy anymore, but looking at the joy in his face, I didn’t think it was necessary to give him my opinion. A few months later, my husband went to Italy again and on his return brought back another moped. “What’s that for?” I asked. The response was, “It’s for you.” “Oh…..” I said.

Well, time has passed, and I have changed my opinion of mopeds. Actually, I have learned to love to ride my moped. On week-ends my husband and I often ride through the countryside on our motorized bikes, passing the day going from village to village, traveling along the small country roads not frequented by many cars, stopping for lunch or an ice cream along the way. It’s a lovely way to spend the day.  Yesterday was one of those days.

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