Wild Plum Ice-Cream – Gelato alla Frutta

Wild plums grow in hedgerows along the lanes that divide the fields behind our house. Their beautiful pink color is so inviting. Sweet when freshly picked, becoming tart and lemony when allowed to sit overnight, and even more sour when cooked and made into jam. When we went out to pick a basket of wild plums, we talked about what could be done with such lovely fruit then agreed that it was time to make gelato. No commercial ice-cream can compare to the flavor of real Italian gelato.  Made with fresh fruit, cream, and milk, it is so fruity and rich.   Once you have made your own gelato nothing else will satisfy you.  Actually, the recipe is quite simple, using fresh fruit in season.

Gelato alla Frutta

 300 gr. (1 ½ cups) Fresh  fruit puree

100 gr. (½ cup) White sugar

100 gr. ( ½ cup) Whole cream

50 gr. ( ¼ cup) Milk

 Puree fruit in a food processor until smooth. Add the remaining ingredients and swirl together. Put the mixture into your ice-cream maker and follow the instruction for your churn. Makes 1 pint.


Today there are many  small batch ice-cream makers to choose from.  I prefer a low tech, hand crank model.  My churn has a metal cylinder which is put in the freezer.  Once it is cold, ice-cream can be frozen in 15 to 20 minutes.

Another of my favorite recipes for gelato is “Gelato al Caffe“.  My recipe calls for raw eggs.  I get my eggs from our chickens each morning.  I bring them in the house and wash them with detergent and a little bleach then store them in my fridge.  If you don’t have your own chickens, I would suggest that you mix all the ingredients together in a food processor then heat it in a double boiler.  Allow the mixture to cool in your fridge overnight.

Gelato al Caffe

1 Egg

100 gr. White sugar

250 gr. Milk

100 gr. Heavy Cream

2 teaspoon instant coffee

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

Mix together all the ingredients in a food processor and follow the ice-makers instruction.