Tragedies of life

September 11, 2011, the tenth anniversary of the 911 disaster.  I didn’t turn on the TV to watch any of the 911 programs.  Life is full of tragedies, this being one of the worse but I couldn’t live it over again.  I choose to turn my back and go on.  I think we bring a lot of unnecessary stress into our lives everyday through TV.  Wars, famine, crime and accidents; our modern technology brings all the calamities of the world and sits them on our laps.   We are limited by what we can do.  If we can’t do anything but watch, we start thinking the world is a terrible place.  We get a slanted view of the world.  It is a tragedy in itself when so many people are depressed, some to the point of taking their own lives because they are overwhelmed with the tragedies of the world. 

I hear people say that life is getting worse and worse.  I tend to disagree, I think life is about the same.  There has always been adversity in the world , we just  didn’t hear about all of it before.  The news was local.  When a catastrophe occurred it effected only people around the epic center so people were able to react and help to make things better.  People on the other side of the world never knew about it.  People only had to deal with their local problems.  It was balanced, people could handle it.  When something happens near you it gives you the opportunity to help others.  I think that this is very important for us mentally.  I feel that we have a built-in response button.  We actually need to help others to be content. When we sit and watch disasters on TV, we become depressed or indifferent because there is nothing we can do.   Life is so short. Should we really be carrying around all the burdens of the world on our shoulders? Wouldn’t it be better to look around our own neighborhood? Is there a young mother who could use some help with her baby or a pensioner who might need a hand with his garden? Is there a caregiver who might need a rest? Is there someone who needs to talk to about a personal tragedy in their life? Could the time that we spend watching the world’s tragedies actually be spent doing something for someone in our local area who is suffering, who might need a helping hand or a compassionate heart.