Historical Train Day

All aboard!

Each year, the third week in September, the Czech National Railroad opens its warehouses and pulls out an incredible collection of old steam locomotives, antique carriages and old deasil powered trains.  The locomotives are filled with water and coal, a fire is lit in fireboxes, and soon steam starts to build up.  Once the locomotives are up to steam they are hooked up to a chain of antique carriages and put on the main rails for service.  It is National Historical Train Day in the Czech Republic.  Families buy tickets in advance to ride the trains.  Many others line the tracks to watch the trains pass.   One steam train is scheduled every hour wedged in between the regular service.  The steam billows, the whistles blows as these iron dragons pull their passengers through the countryside.  Last Saturday was the third week in September.  The sky was clear and sunny.  The air was crisp in the morning with the promise of warmth by noon.  We were off to the railroad station, but not to ride a historical train.  We had something else in mind.  We were going to catch the bicycle train to Hlinsko, but that is another story that will have to wait.