The Rebuilding of the Elf House

The Elfhouse before construction


The Rebuilding of the Elf House

 At the corner of our courtyard stands a little building. It was built to house cows and pigs. Many years had passed since there were any such animals housed there. The only thing that remained as proof to the fact that the building was once used for this purpose was a meter of hay and manure, well composted. When we first arrived there was a family of hedgehogs which had taken up residence in an angle of one stall. Other than a place for hedgehogs the building wasn’t fit for anything else. The roof was in danger of falling in. Bricks were falling from the top of walls. The door had fallen off its hinges years ago. Several people told us to tear it down but there was a curtain charm about the old building. We decided that it would be our first project in our attempt to rebuild our old farmhouse. The work on the little house started in the summer of 2006 spanning over four summers until it’s completion in the summer of 2010. We dedicated our week-ends to working on the little building, hiring help to do the work we couldn’t do ourselves. A roofer prepared the beams and built a new roof for us. Working with hand tools he replaced the old roof with skilled workmanship. A brick layer helped us with rebuilding the top of the walls and concrete floor. An electrician put in the electrical wiring. Non the less, most of the work we did ourselves as we found the time. While nearing completion, we decided to use the little building as a guest house for our family and friends who planned to visit. My mother and sister were our first guests to stay in our Elfhouse, a name we started calling it as we got close to completion. When my mother and sister arrived in the spring the house wasn’t quite finished, we still needed to lay tiles on the floor and finish some woodwork. By summer the building was done, just in time for our nephew to come stay for a few weeks in August. He needed a quite place to study for his final exams and thought that our little village would be just the right place, far away from the distractions of home. It would have been quite and without distractions if it hadn’t been for the terrible flood.

Elfhouse in winter