St. Valentine’s Day

Red hearts shimmer against the gray sky reflected in the shop windows along the city streets covered with dirty snow this winter day.  The decorations are cheerful and brighten up the otherwise drab surroundings.  St. Valentines day is not a traditional celebration in the Czech Republic.  Many people don’t like the day, it actually makes some people grumpy.  Commercialism pushing something else at them to get them to part with their money.  Forced romanticism! Oh humbug!  I look at it a bit differently.  In the middle of a dark gray winter, right between Christmas and Easter, an opportunity for celebration is welcomed.  I enjoy the bright red hearts which appear around town.  I enjoy the mass of flowers that show up in the supermarkets and flower shops.  I enjoy the chocolate that my dear husband buys for me, chocolate covered cherries in liqueur.  Yum, yum!  So, St. Valentine’s day has come and gone.  A day a little brighter than a normal February day.  A day for chocolate, hearts and flowers. A day to celebrate love. A general celebration of love. Love isn’t such a bad thing to celebrate. If you take a moment to reflect upon what this world would be like without love, you might agree with me.