Hand painted Easter eggs

Hand painted Easter eggs

There is a tradition in the Czech Republic of painting eggs with hot wax and dye. The method is complicated and time-consuming. The eggs are blown out and dried. Then wax and dye are added in stages. It’s a folk art that has been passed down from one generation to another. I would not even attempt to try to explain the procedure. However I am inspired by these beautiful eggs. I possess a few of them which have been given to me by friends. I keep them in a glass case for protection. I know that I would never be able to create such beautiful eggs myself, never the less I have come up with my own, not so delicate, creations which decorate my doors and windows at Easter.


A bag of plastic eggs

Acrylic paint


Cloth ribbon

Wooden skewers

Hot glue gun

Plastic table-cloth

First paint the entire egg with a soft pastel color. Then with a pencil mark off a geometrical pattern. I divide the egg in half then quarters by using a series of dots. Then I paint my design, by free hand, onto the egg. Beside a brush you can use several tools to make patterns.

After the paint is dried I hot glue a cloth ribbon on one end and tie a bow, leaving the ribbon long enough to tie to a willow wreath at Easter. Also, I insert an ice-pick into the ends of the eggs making it easy to run a ribbon through the egg, tying one end in a knot or glue the eggs on a wooden skewer to stand in a pot on my window sill.