A Roofing Day Lunch


Spending the entire day on the roof leaves little time for cooking. I knew we would be hungry by noon so I planned ahead by preparing a braised pork roast with rice. On Sunday morning before going out to work, I put on a pot of white rice to cook. While the rice was cooking I prepared a pan of vegetables. Just what every I had in the fridge; peas, carrots, onions, celery and mushrooms. I poured one cup of white wine over the vegetables and set a pork rib roast in the middle. I season everything with salt and pepper, then covered it with a lid and put it in a slow over at 150 C (300 F). By this time my rice was cooked. I covered the rice and set it off the stove. The roast and vegetables slowly cooked all morning. When it was lunch time we set down to a hot meal. We finished our lunch with a cup of strong Italian coffee, then slipped the dishes in the dishwasher and returned to work. I often prepare similar meals when we are renovating the house. A no fuss one pot meal.

 By the time the day was over we had repaired one-forth of the barn’s roof. It was so nice to look up into that section of the rafters and not see sun light passing through broken tiles. The work was exhausting, though. The next day I couldn’t move my fingers. Clasping and unclasping my hands around clay tiles all day made me aware of muscles in my hands I didn’t even know I had.