Riva del Garda and the Ponale Trail

Descending the hillside from our accommodations we arrive by car at the edge of Riva del Garda. We park on the outskirts of town and walk into the center. Arriving at the Church of Iniolata we peek inside. Built between 1603 – 1682, it is distinctive for the baroque decorations in the interior. Continuing along our journey we pass through the Gate of San Michele. From the gate we head to the water front. Ducks and swans swim gracefully along the shore while paddle boats remain tied to the docks. Riva is almost deserted. Such a contrast from the busy streets in summer . We round the corner to see the Tower of Apponale above the old square. Continuing along the water front we arrive in front of the hydro-electric plant of Ponale. It is at Ponale that we pick up the trail along the shore of the lake. The Ponale trail is the old road on the west side of the lake. Built on the order of Giacomo Cis, the road was inaugurated in 1851. We go by foot through natural surroundings, where silence is magical and the views are breathtaking. The trail winds up Mount Rocchetta, 6.50 Km, ascending 450 meters. At the end of the trail stands the statue of the Rigina Mundi.

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