The work continues on the barn

I was talking to one of my friends the other day, telling her that my husband and I were repairing the roof of our barn. She asked me why I’m doing the work myself. She was concern because I was a woman doing a man’s job. Actually, I enjoy working on our house. I never thought about whether it was a man’s job or not. As a young girl my father was always working on our family house and I was always helping him. He would tell me that he needed someone to hold the other end of a board or keep him supplied with nails and material. I have worked on one construction project or another for all my life. It seems only natural for me to be doing what I’m doing now. However I can understand that it must be very strange for the Czechs to see me working on our house. It is just another example of cultural differences. I have gotten quite a reputation around here for being a crazy American woman. I wonder if they think that all American woman are like me? Each of us who live in another country are in a small way ambassadors for our own country. We may be the only representatives that the folks around us ever meet from our homeland. This is a big burden of responsibility for us, something I always try to keep in mind during my daily life. I hope in the end they will remember me in a kind way, even if I might seem a little strange at times.

The weather is warm and work continues on the barn. The facade is almost completed, the roof is progressing and hopefully we will be able to paint it in a few weeks. 

These are not the most flattering pictures of me, however I have decided to share them with you just the same.  I have to say that I don’t always look my best while I am working on the house.