The facade on the barn is finished!

Tuesday was a state holiday in the Czech Republic.  I had an extra day to work on one of our many projects around our house.  When I got up and saw  it was a pretty day, I checked the forecast.  The forecast was for three days of sunny weather, so I chose to paint the barn.  The paint I use is a simple combination of slacked lime, natural pigments and salt.  The limewash has a soft, matte finish.  It is porous and allows the wall to breath.  It ages well maturing with time.  It  is a natural choice of paint for a lime plastered wall.   The limewash cures through a reaction with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  It takes a few days to harden.  After it has harden the wall can withstand rain therefore making an excellent exterior paint.  I mixed up the paint in the morning.  By mid-morning I had my scaffolding in place and started painting.  By the end of the day I was finished.  I can finally mark this project off my list.  What a sense of satisfaction I get when I think that this job is completed.

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