A garden gate


The Garden Gate

My husband wasn’t feeling well the other day so we had to take a day off from repairing the roof of the barn.  It is a job for two so since one half of the team didn’t feel well I decided to do a little project that we have been talking about for, well, maybe four years.  It’s funny how things get set aside for more urgent ones.

Between our south-facing house and our west-facing barn is a lane which passes between the two tall buildings to the vegetable garden at the rear of our property.  The wind blows through this opening creating a draft in the courtyard making it unpleasant to sit on the terrace.  Our idea was to build a wooden gate to regulate the wind.  On cooler days we could close the gate while on hot days we could open it.  In the winter the courtyard would be protected from the cold north wind creating a micro climate within the walls of the courtyard storing the heat from south and west-facing buildings.

A chain link gate with a solid metal frame was in the opening.  I decided to use the existing frame to attach my new wooden gate.  So my challenge was to think of how I could attach my new gate to the old frame.  I decided to use metal plates to secure to gate.

I got out my tools and salvaged around our barn to find enough material to build a gate.  While I was look through the large quantity of old stuff we have stored in the barn I found a pair of old doors removed from another building.  By using the old doors and attaching a couple of extra boards to fill the remaining space I was able to finish the job in just a few hours.  I added a small door at the bottom of the gate for the cats to come and go.

Now the new gate is hung and freshly painted.  The wind no longer blows through the courtyard making it a much more pleasant place to hang out.