Rum Butter Egg Custard

Each morning my husband opens the door of our hen-house and leads the hens into our courtyard where they can roam freely all day. The hens eat bugs and a mixture of greens from the lawn. During the day they lay their eggs in a nest tucked in the corner of the barn or sometimes under a bush. The hens function as a natural pest control, eliminating slugs, snails, ants and an assortment of other insects from our garden. We give them a handful of grain each day and in return they supply us with plenty of fresh eggs for our kitchen.

Rum Butter Egg Custard

4 fresh eggs

250 ml. ( 1 cup) sugar

2 tablespoon corn starch

500 ml. (2 cups) warm milk

1 tablespoon butter

1 teaspoon American rum extract or a few drops of European rum extract

Break eggs into a bowl and whisk until smooth. Mix corn starch with sugar. Add sugar to eggs and mix well with the eggs. Heat milk and add to egg mixture. Put bowl in a water bath; heat until thick; stirring with whisk. Once the mixture is thick add butter and rum extract.

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