A Summer Solstice Picnic

A Summer Solstice Picnic

The fragrance of freshly mowed grass is carried on a warm breeze. The sound of bees buzzing from blossom to blossom in the garden. Cherry trees burden with ripe cherries. Roses hanging heavy with blooms. Day lilies bobbing their heads in the sunshine. Cats chasing butterflies. It seems like everything is celebrating the beginning of the new season. Finally summer is here.

It’s the season to eat al fresco so we called some friends. Set up a table and chairs under our apple tree. Blanched fresh peas, and made a green salad from our garden. I prepared dough for pizzas, which would be topped with imported Italian mozzarella, fresh vegetables, olives and pepperoni. Then picked a bowl of sweet cherries and prepare a batch of homemade ice-cream. When our guest arrived we open a superb bottle of chilled white wine, which they were so kind to bring, and started to relax.

Our dinner began with chilled blanched peas still in their pods. We cracked the pods open and scooped out the peas with our fingers. When I returned to the kitchen for the second course of caprese, sliced tomatoes with fresh mozzarella cheese, topped with a sprig of garden basil, I put the pizzas in the over to bake. The pizzas were still bubbling hot as I brought them to the table. My guests choose from olive and mozzarella, eggplant and onion or pepperoni. A fresh garden salad was served next. Then came a bowl of bright red cherries, homemade ice-cream and finally coffee. The evening pleasantly progressed as the sun lingered in the western sky. Finally the sun set on the horizon at about 10:30 pm. however a slight glow remained visible for the rest of the night.  A perfect way to celebrate the longest day of the year.

I rose with the sun this morning at four, not even feeling the slightest bit tired after our long night of celebration. The world was calling me out. ‘Get up the sun is shining!’ So, I’m on my way to the forest. I might find some mushrooms if I am lucky today. I’ll be back before most of the rest of the world wakes up. The forest is beautiful in the early morning. The rays of sun shines through the trees below the canopy of branches, bathing everything in intense light.