A barn with a red tile roof

If hard work is good for the soul then our souls have been well taken care of lately.  For a good part of every week-end in the past two months we have continued to labor on the roof of the barn. Today we finally finished placing the last two cross ties at the peak of the roof.  We will build a permanent platform on top of the ties so we will have easy access to the roof in the future. If a tile falls from the roof, it will be quite simple to climb up and replace it after we have finished this platform. When I was going up into the rafters, I took my camera along.  There is an eight metre climb divided into three stages.  First a long climb up an old wooden ladder, which might have been made at the time the barn was constructed.  It’s rungs are worn smooth with the years of use.  Just before you reach the top of the ladder there is the first platform.  Climbing up four more rungs you arrive at the hay loft.  Walking across the hay loft you can climb another ladder to the platform at the peak of the roof.  There my husband was waiting for me to arrive.  Looking down from the top is a bit unnerving.  I’m not going to talk about teetering on the edge of the platform while pushing the cross ties into place.