It’s time to make Nocino.

Just to remind you. It’s time to make Nocino.

Two shots of Nocino



On the Eve of San Giovanni, 24th of June, women all over Italy start to prepare Nocino.  They climb up walnut trees at dusk, after the dew has settled on the fruit, and pick 24 of the best green walnuts they can find then green walnutsleave them to rest till the next morning. The dew, on the Eve of San Giovanni, by tradition is considered a cure for all ills; the healing qualities of walnut were known even in the 500’s, evidence of which was found in the “Treasury of Health” by the famous doctor, Casto de Gualdo. In the morning the women prepare an infusion of nuts and alcohol.  The concoction is left to steep in a warm place till All Saints Night, the first day of November.  Then it is bottled and laid to rest in their cellars till Christmas Eve.  This is the tradition of Nocino, passed down from one…

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