The Pleasure of Gardening

The Pleasure of Gardening

When I was a young child I helped my grandfather in his garden. While we were working together he would tell me about each plant and how to care for it. One of the most practical advice that my grandfather gave me was to never go to the garden without a hoe. That piece of advice has served me well. If I have a hoe in hand I can knock down emerging weeds while I walk around the garden. I don’t do the whole garden at once but a little here and there adds up.

Today it’s my husband that spends the greatest amount of time in the garden. He does most of the planting and nurturing of the garden. While I visit like a tourist until the garden is ready for harvest. Preserving the vegetables is mostly my job. We get so much satisfaction in seeing a seed we plant develop and bear fruit. I like the fact that we take responsibility for some of what we eat and for the small part of the earth we care for.