My husband the cheesemonger.


Life certainly is full of changes. If you had asked me ten years ago, if I thought we would be in the Czech Republic running a cheese shop, I would have thought you’re crazy for asking. Yet here we are today doing just that.  Actually my husband started talking about opening the shop two years ago. Six months ago I told him to stop talking about it and write a business plan.  He did!

Since the Velvet Revolution, the Czechs have been enjoying ski holidays in Trentino and Alto Adgile. Our friends would return from their holidays with stories not only of their ski adventures but also their culinary adventures. Since my husband is from Trentino, he would talk of the small cheese producers in the highlands, who graze their cattle on open hill tops. Or tell of the olive trees which grow along Lago Garda, that produces an olive oil with a unique flavor which can’t be found any other place in the world. And then, of course, there were the stories of the wine. In time the idea of the shop was born, now it is a reality.