A Pig in the Window

Sometimes I miss Italy, sometime so badly it hurts.  I was taking a stroll around our town the other day and  I have to say that after ten years of living here it is sad to see the shop windows without any imagination or flair.  Compared to the shop windows in Italy the Czechs still are lagging way behind.  Here is an example:  A delicatessen ; In my opinion, this is the best deli in Chrudim. great meat, cold cuts and cheese, the deli has just recently put a pig in their window.  It is a beautiful pig.  However when I remember the delis in Italy with their prosciutto hanging in the window and an assortment of wine and cheese, I am not amused with the new pig in the window,there could be so much more.

Shop window in the Czech Republic

Shop window in the Czech Republic

Shop window Italy

Italian deli window

Deli window

Another Italian Deli window


Yes, Italian deli window