It’s reconstruction time again

IMG_3070As the weather warmed in late spring I got started on another reconstruction project.  It is one we started in 2005 THE RECONSTRUCTION BEGINS. , worked at from time to time but never finished.  My intentions this summer is to finish it.  The project is a small flat located between the main house and the barn.  It seems as though I am working my way around the courtyard, from the elfhouse to the barn to the guesthouse and hopefully to the main house next summer.  So far I have installed two windows , refinished the doors for the flat and rough coated the interior walls.  At present, I’m working on the final coat on the walls.   A few days ago we ordered the wooden ceiling planks which will be cut and delivered in a few weeks.  Meanwhile we have plenty of work to do to keep us busy.IMG_3075

My husband bought me a new toy, a heat gun to remove old paint from doors.  It worked like a charm and  had the old paint off the doors in no time.  Under the paint was a layer of shellac.  I used alcohol to remove the shellac from the doors then started refinishing them.  The doors were salvaged from another reconstruction project in Chrudim.  They are beautiful solid wood doors that had about eight coats of paint on them.IMG_3072IMG_3071I’m beginning to be able to imagine what this space will be like when it is finished.  That is encouraging.