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“Escargots à la bourguignonne” – Snails baked in garlic butter.

Baked Pumpkin and Spinach Roll – Rotolo di Zucca e Spinaci – Pumpkin, spinach and cheese seasoned with nutmeg and sage; wrapped in a pastry shell.

Prosciutto and Melon – Prosciutto crudo, Italian cured ham, sliced very thin, served with melon.


Chestnuts and Mushroom Soup – Harty soup made with chestnuts and wild mushrooms and potatoes, season with thyme, garlic and beef stock.

CHICK PEAS WITH PORK RINDS SOUP – MINESTRA DI CECI CON LE COTICHE – Soup made with chick peas and potatoes,  flavored with pork  rinds.  A robust and satisfying meal that won’t dig deep into your pocket.

Potato Cream Soup– Potatoes and onions puree in chicken stock, milk and cream.

Cream Pumpkin Soup – Pumpkin and potatoes puree in chicken stock, cream and milk, seasoned with ginger, cumin and nutmeg.

First Advent Soup –  I began with sautéed onions, added the turkey broth, then I added a bit of celery, some cubed potatoes, carrots, a cup of zucchini and a few dried Shiitake mushrooms to the pot along with the Thanksgiving vegetables.

Tortellini in Brodo

Zucchini, Potato and Mushroom Soup – A hearty vegetable soup, seasoned with smoked pork and a melody of herbs and spices.

Pasta and Risotto

Arroz Mexicano – Mexican Rice

Gnocchi di Potati – Potato Gnocchi – A basic recipe for preparing gnocchi at home.

Gnocchi di Potati with cream of Gorgonzola, Spinach and Arugula

Spaghetti Aglio Olio e Peperoncino (Spaghetti Garlic Oil and Hot Peppers)

Spaghetti e Lumache – Snails and Spaghetti

Sugo di Melanzane (Tomato Sauce with Eggplant) – A savory blend of garden vegetables, simmered for an hour or so on a low heat until thick. Served over pasta.

Risotto con i piselli / Rice with Peas

Risotto with Peas and Kanikama


Penne with Wild Mushrooms and Tomato Sauce

Tortellini in Brodo


Ensalada de Naranjas with Guacamole Sauce – A mixed salad of lettuce, oranges, onions and sweet peppers.  Served with an avocato dressing.

Insalata Mista

Insalata di Riso – Rice Salad

Panzanella – Bread Salad

Main Course

  • Beef

Chili Con Carni

Enchiladas de Carne (with ground beef)

  • Pork

Jitrnice –  Czech Liver sausages

Puerco Estilo Apatzingan – Baked Pork from Apatzingan – Marinated pork roasted until it’s  brown, tender with slightly crisp edges.

Pork Butt Roast with Caraway – Sauerkraut with Apples and Brown Sugar

Pork Rib Roast with Garlic and Lavender

Roast Pork Loin with Savory Dressing

Sack Sausage -This fully cured sausage is completely dependent on nature for its characteristic aged flavor and tantalizing aroma.

Sack Sausage, Sauerkraut and Potato Dumplings

  • Rabbit

Rabbit with Wine, Tomatoes and Polenta  Rabbit prepared with onions, peppers, and tomatoes.

Braised Rabbit with Porccini Mushroom Sauce – Rabbit cooked slowly in the oven with wild mushrooms and heavy cream.

Braised Rabbit, Tomatoes and Dried Mushrooms – Slow cooked rabbit in a pot of savory tomato sauce.

  • Fowl

Braised Chicken with Black Currant Sauce

Braised pheasant with wild mushrooms in a zesty cream sauce

To Pluck or Skin a Pheasant

Pečené kuře se zelím – Baked Chicken with Sauerkraut

  • Fish

A Carp for Christmas Dinner

Trout with Walnut Dressing

  • Snails

“Escargots à la bourguignonne”

Spaghetti e Lumache – Snails and Spaghetti


Chestnut Purée

Colache – Mexican Mixed Vegetables

Green Beans with Nutmeg

Green Beans seasoned with Garlic

New Potato Puree with Rabbit Stock

Baked Pumpkin with Onions and Sage

Baked Pumpkin and Spinach Roll – Rotolo di Zucca e Spinaci

Pumpkin and Potato Puree

Risotto con i piselli / Rice with Peas

Risotto with Peas and Kanikama

Sauerkraut with Apples and Brown Sugar

Green Tomato, Apple and Zucchini Chutney

Green Tomato Salsa

Wild Mushroom Gravy

Marinated Zucchini

Zucchini and Corn Fritters

Zucchini, Potato and Mushroom Soup

Fruit and nuts

Baked Apple Butter

Basic Preparation for fresh chestnuts

Cucumber and Apple Chutney

Tomato and Apple Chutney

Fresh Black Currant Jelly

Braised Chicken with Black Currant Sauce

Brandied Fruit Starter

Cherry Preserves

Cherry Wine

Fresh Sour Cherry Tartlets

Preserving Cherry Pie Filling

Lemon Custard Pie

Prosciutto and Melon

Plum Cobbler with Heavy Cream

Preserving Wild Plums

Plum Wine

Meringue Islands in a Wild Plum Sea

Wild Plum Ice-Cream – Gelato alla Frutta

Bread and Pasteries

Boží milosti – God’s grace- Czech Carnival Pastry – These little wafers are fried crisp and crunch when eaten making so much noise it sounds like chatter.

Chestnut Stuffing

Christmas Sweets:

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies – Chocolate cookies with chocolate chips.

Chocolate Coconut Orange Squares

 Coconut Rum Balls – Kokosové kuličky This is a fast and easy no cook sweet that will be a hit with the whole family.

 Czech Vanilkove Rohlicky – Vanilla Crescents Recipe In the Czech Republic, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Vanilla Crescents. These little crescents covered with powder sugar melt in your mouth.

Hunting Buttons – Myslivecké knoflíky  Made of a Linzer type dough topped with walnuts, it is always one of the first cookies to disappear from our Christmas cookie plate.

Helen’s Linzer Cookies – Linecké The recipe first appeared in Linz, Austria in the 17th century. Small tart sandwich cookies with red current jam in the center.

Mincemeat Bars – Old fashion spicy cookies.

Rum Peaks – Rumové špičky, a no-bake, chocolate covered walnut cream wafer

Walnut Squares – My favorite cookie.  A layer of sweet ground walnuts on a shortbread crust.

 Cinnamon Rolls – There is nothing better than hot cinnamon rolls with a cup of coffee.

Cherry and Apricot Galette – a rustic pie.

Florida Cornbread – Sometimes on Sunday morning my mother would serve a sweet orange flavored cornbread with orange marmalade for breakfast.

Czech Buchty, a traditional sweet yeast roll,filled with jam – This is a traditional Czech village recipe for sweet yeast roll which calls for lard. Lard is rendered from home-grown pigs. Therefore, it is economical and practical to use.

A Simple Focaccia – It is not necessary to knead the dough. Just mix the ingredients in a bowl. Allow the dough to rise, then roll it out, place it in a pan dripping with olive oil.

Focaccia with Green Olives – Focaccia with green olives is a classic Italian bread. Just mix the ingredients in a bowl. Allow the dough to rise, then roll it out, place it in a pan dripping with olive oil, and press olives all along the surface of the dough.

Judas Rope – Velikonoční jidáše -Czech Easter Buns – On Green Thursday Jidášky are served with honey at breakfast. These breakfast cakes, made to look like ropes, suggest the fate of Judas Iscariot.

Koblihy – Czech Carnival Donuts – These jam or custard filled donuts are perfect for fattening you up before the Lenten Fast.

Mazanec – Czech Easter Bread – The trick to making a light soft Easter bread is time.  Sweet almond flavored cross buns with raisins and candied orange peel.

Moravske Kolace – Moravian Round Yeast Cakes

Pizza Anyone? – Pizza dough is simple and fun to prepare.  Top with your favorite toppings and plenty of cheese.

Simple Fruitcake – You don’t have to get the mixer out to make this simple fruitcake.  Just stir it up with a fork.

Tortillas de Harina – A flour tortillas prepared at home.

Vdolky s Makem – Czech Poppy Seed Buns – Czech recipe for a diner roll topped with poppy seeds.  Commonly eaten with soup.

Velikonoční nádivka “Hlavicka” – Czech Easter Stuffing – a one dish meal of pork and bread seasoned with wild greens.

Seven Minute Frosting – Made with egg whites and powder sugar.

Walnut and Coconut Layer Cake – A moist, rich cake mixed with a fork, baked and topped with seven minute frosting.


Cherry and Apricot Galette

Fresh Sour Cherry Tartlets

Lemon Custard Pie

My White Fruitcake Recipe

Meringue Islands in a Wild Plum Sea

Monte Bianco di Castagne (Mont Blanc of Chestnuts)

Rum Butter Egg Custard

Wild Plum Ice-Cream – Gelato alla Frutta

Plum Cobbler with Heavy Cream

Wine and Spirits

Apple Wine

Spiced Black Choke Berry Liqueur – Choke berries are cultivated as ornamental plants and also because they are very high in antioxidant pigment compounds, like anthocyanins.

Brandied fruit

Brandied Fruit Starter

Cherry Wine

Making Sour Cherry Wine –  a large batch of 40 kg of cherries.  Sour cherries make some of the best wine next to grape.

Homemade Coffee Liqueur

Dandelion Wine


Elderflower Cordial on the window sill

Orange Ratafia – Ratafia is a liqueur, flavored with bitter almond or citrus peel, herbs and spices.  Traditionally ratafia can be made with brandy or clear distilled spirits. I use Tuzemak, a local Czech spirit, and my own house wine, however any wine and domestic brandy with a smooth finish could be used.

Making wine


Plum Wine

Preserving Food

Apple Butter

Preserving Cherry Pie Filling

Cherry Preserves

Cucumber and Apple Chutney

Fresh Black Currant Jelly

Preserving garden peas by freezing

Jitrnice –  Czech Liver sausages

Making Pickles

Prosciutto Crudo or home cured ham

The basic technique of curing a ham – Prosciutto Crudo

Roasted peppers under olive oil

Sack Sausage -This fully cured sausage is completely dependent on nature for its characteristic aged flavor and tantalizing aroma.

Savory Zucchini Pickles

Sweet Pickled Zucchini and/or Summer Squash

Tomato and Apple Chutney

Green Tomato, Apple and Zucchini Chutney

Green Tomato Salsa