Wine and Spirits

Wine and Spirits

Apple Wine – Each September we gather our apples and press out the juice. Then I start the fermentation and by Christmas we drink our first glass of apple wine.

Spiced Black Choke Berry Liqueur – Choke berries are cultivated as ornamental plants and also because they are very high in antioxidant pigment compounds, like anthocyanins.

Brandied fruit – simple method for preserving fruit.

Brandied Fruit Starter – As the fruit in our garden starts ripening, I start a jar of brandied fruit. First cherries, then gooseberries, black currents, apricots, nectarines, peaches, plumes, pears, apples and finally grapes.

Cherry Wine – Sweet or sour cherries make a very nice wine.

Making Sour Cherry Wine –  a large batch of 40 kg of cherries.  Sour cherries make some of the best wine next to grape.

Homemade Coffee Liqueur –  This recipe for coffee liqueur is surprisingly simple. Combine sugar and coffee and alcohol , let is sit a month or two and bottle.

Dark Dandelion Wine – When your garden is full of dandelions it’s time to make wine.  This is a sweeter and more robust Dandelion wine than the usual sort because of the sugar and the raisins.

DANDELION WINE – A dry wine with an alcohol content of about 12%.  Collect flower heads on a bright sunny day.

Elderflower Cordial on the window sill – A refreshing cool summer drink.

Elderflower Champaign – A Czech Grandmother’s recipe

Elderflower Fizz, Wines and Cordial

Orange Ratafia – Ratafia is a liqueur, flavored with bitter almond or citrus peel, herbs and spices.  Traditionally ratafia can be made with brandy or clear distilled spirits. I use Tuzemak, a local Czech spirit, and my own house wine, however any wine and domestic brandy with a smooth finish could be used.

Making wine – People have been making wine since the beginning of time before they had all this store-bought stuff.  It is really very earthy and simple. The basic steps to get started.

Nocino – Nocino is a dark-colored walnut flavored liqueur with a hint of spice, It is considered a digestive in Italy, served after a meal.

Plum Wine – A dry flavorful wine.  Made of plums from the garden