Flag Pennants for Shade

Flag pennants over the terrace

I have a grapevine above my terrace that is supposed to shade us from the sun.  It does a pretty good job but there are still some places where the sun shines through.  So I decided to add a little shade of my own by making a string of little flags and hanging them under the pagoda where is needed.  The flags give us partial shade and allow the wind to pass through.  Not to mention, they look very festive while we are dining on the terrace.  The idea came from Dianne Faw’s Punched Heart Garland with Vintage Paper.  Dianne is a really crafty lady who is always inspiring me with the lovely things she makes.

I bought some inexpensive  tea towels, craft glue and nylon string at a local shop.  Then I cut the towels into strips and ran a bead of glue along the edges.  After the glue dried I sewed the little flags onto the string.  Alternating the colors as I went.

Colored tea towels, craft glue, string, and my sewing machine

Cut the towels in strips, glue the edges, sew onto string.

Flag pennants above the terrace