Bread, Cakes and Pasteries

Boží milosti – God’s grace- Czech Carnival Pastry – These little wafers are fried crisp and crunch when eaten making so much noise it sounds like chatter.

Cherry and Apricot Galette – a rustic pie.

Chestnut Stuffing – A savory stuffing with chestnuts, onions, carrots and celery.

Christmas Sweets:

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies – Chocolate cookies with chocolate chips.

Chocolate Coconut Orange Squares

 Coconut Rum Balls – Kokosové kuličky This is a fast and easy no cook sweet that will be a hit with the whole family.

 Czech Vanilkove Rohlicky – Vanilla Crescents Recipe In the Czech Republic, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Vanilla Crescents. These little crescents covered with powder sugar melt in your mouth.

Hunting Buttons – Myslivecké knoflíky  Made of a Linzer type dough topped with walnuts, it is always one of the first cookies to disappear from our Christmas cookie plate.

Helen’s Linzer Cookies – Linecké The recipe first appeared in Linz, Austria in the 17th century. Small tart sandwich cookies with red current jam in the center.

Mincemeat Bars – Old fashion spicy cookies.

Rum Peaks – Rumové špičky, a no-bake, chocolate covered walnut cream wafer

Walnut Squares –  My favorite cookie.  A layer of sweet ground walnuts on a shortbread crust.

 Cinnamon Rolls – There is nothing better than hot cinnamon rolls with a cup of coffee.

Florida Cornbread – Sometimes on Sunday morning my mother would serve a sweet orange flavored cornbread with orange marmalade for breakfast.

Czech Buchty, a traditional sweet yeast roll,filled with jam – This is a traditional Czech village recipe for sweet yeast roll which calls for lard. Lard is rendered from home-grown pigs. Therefore, it is economical and practical to use.


A Simple Focaccia – It is not necessary to knead the dough. Just mix the ingredients in a bowl. Allow the dough to rise, then roll it out, place it in a pan dripping with olive oil.

Focaccia with Green Olives – Focaccia with green olives is a classic Italian bread. Just mix the ingredients in a bowl. Allow the dough to rise, then roll it out, place it in a pan dripping with olive oil, and press olives all along the surface of the dough.

Judas Rope – Velikonoční jidáše -Czech Easter Buns – On Green Thursday Jidášky are served with honey at breakfast. These breakfast cakes, made to look like ropes, suggest the fate of Judas Iscariot.

Koblihy – Czech Carnival Donuts – These jam or custard filled donuts are perfect for fattening you up before the Lenten Fast.

Mazanec – Czech Easter Bread – The trick to making a light soft Easter bread is time.  Sweet almond flavored cross buns with raisins and candied orange peel.

Moravske Kolace – Moravian Round Yeast Cakes –  These flat circular pastry surrounding a dollop of cream cheese and fruit or poppy-seed paste has become an everyday item in most Czech households.

Pizza Anyone? – Pizza dough is simple and fun to prepare.  Top with your favorite toppings and plenty of cheese.

Classic Neapolitan Pizza –  simplicity is the key to a great Neapolitan pizza.  A round of flat bread topped with only tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil is considered a classic.

Potato Dumplings – Traditional Czech dumplings, boiled in a pot of water then sliced and served with pork, or duck.

Simple Fruitcake – You don’t have to get the mixer out to make this simple fruitcake.  Just stir it up with a fork.

Tortillas de Harina – A flour tortillas prepared at home.

Vdolky s Makem – Czech Poppy Seed Buns – A traditional Czech recipe for a diner roll topped with poppy seeds.  Commonly eaten with soup.

Velikonoční nádivka “Hlavicka” – Czech Easter Stuffing – a one dish meal of pork and bread seasoned with wild greens.

Seven Minute Frosting – Made with egg whites and powder sugar.

Walnut and Coconut Layer Cake – A moist, rich cake mixed with a fork, baked and topped with seven minute frosting.