My progress since you last heard from me.

I am obsessed with finishing my latest project.  I’ve earnestly been working on the guest house since August, using every spare moment of my time.  I haven’t kept up with posting my progress since that would be time I couldn’t be working on the house.  Working alone, with only weekends and evenings for my project, has made my progress slow, but I have made progress.  I’m posting only a few pictures today to let you know that I am still at it and that I am almost at the end a long journey. Image  I hung the door that I refinished, to keep the cold air out, as winter was approaching. Image  I replaced the old windows with some recycled windows for another building.   Image Then moved on to installing a traditional wooden ceiling.  Built with alternating planks laid across wooden beams.  Image Once the ceiling was finished, I moved onto the kitchen. Image I found some second-hand cabinets that I could adapt for my kitchen.  Naturally the electrical sockets were in the wrong place and had to be moved. Image I tiled the walls and started fitting the cabinets into their new home.  Then I built two sets of selves to finish up the top cupboards. Image Image A built-in oven and range and under cabinet fridge will be installed in the lower cabinets later.  From the kitchen I moved on to the bathroom.  Image I installed the bathroom tiles, tub, sink and toilet.  I built a cabinet for the sink and another one for towels. Image Image For the past week I’ve been working on insulating the ceiling.  I’ve built a framework that will support a floor.  and filled the spaces with insulation. In the future we can add a second floor to the house if we need it. Image OK, I’ve spent enough time on this update.  I have the afternoon free from work today so I’m going back to work on the house.  The very best to you all.  May your dreams come true and good fortune find you.